Frequently UNasked Wedding Photography Questions


Typically when I’m working with a couple who’s planning a wedding, they are pretty new at wedding planning and are having to become experts on weddings as they go along. (Does that sound about right to you?) Most of the time, you are hiring a professional photographer for the first time, and generally just doing lots of stuff for the first time. So you spend a lot of time reading wedding magazines and wedding blogs and they all tell you to ask wedding photographers the same Frequently Asked Questions, right? But what about the stuff that you don’t know you should ask? That’s this page. These are the things I try to explain to people when we have wedding consultations, all the things you’re too overwhelmed to think about now, but will wonder later. And a couple of bonus fun questions too.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Photography



The questions below are the ones all the major wedding blogs tell you to ask your potential wedding photographer. Some of them are informative, and some of them are lame, but I would be a sucky wedding photographer if I didn’t make sure they were answered for you. However, to really learn about wedding photography, be sure to visit my FUQ (Frequently Unasked Questions page. Those are the questions about wedding photography that I think are important for you to get answered, even though most people don’t know they should ask them.

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Military Wedding in Jacksonville Beach at Casa Marina Hotel

Every time I walk out of a wedding, I look back through the pictures and think “Damn, this is the best wedding I’ve shot so far!”, Ellen & Ryan are no exception to that rule.

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From Black Tie to Casual: Wedding Dress Codes Explained

Earlier this year I received a wedding invitation from my sweet friends, Taylor & Cory, the dress code was “Cathedral Appropriate” … I was like “what does that even mean?!”

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