Make My Day Wedding Expo Recap

How many of you are or have been engaged?

Okay, now how many of you know/knew exactly which vendors you wanted at your wedding, where you wanted your wedding, and how make every idea come to life?

Yeah… probably like 0 of you. But that’s why you, a bride-to-be, needs to check out a bridal expo/bridal show.

Some of you may be wondering “what’s a bridal expo” & I know you’re wondering this because every one that I’ve told about this expo, that isn’t an engaged bride, has asked me the same thing.

A bridal expo / bridal show is an event for engaged ladies and gentlemen to browse local wedding professionals, learn about their services, and find the perfect vendors for their wedding day.

On Sunday, February 9th, 2020 I participated in my first Bridal Expo hosted by Make My Day at The Glass Factory in Downtown Jacksonville. Make My Day Wedding Expo is different than most bridal expo’s, it is a smaller show designed to make the expo more intimate, giving the brides-to-be more time to converse with the vendors and find out who they want to work with BEFORE leaving the show!

What kind of vendors to expect:

Tons of vendors attend bridal expos, most notably you’ll see

  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Bakers
  • Venues
  • Stationary/Invitation Artist
  • Catering Companies
  • Party Rental Companies
  • Florists
  • Make Up Artist
  • Hair Stylists
  • Officiants
  • and many more!

My Booth Set Up:

I went all out for my booth. I figured if I invested now into a really dynamic set up that I loved, all I would have to pay for the next time I do a bridal expo is the booth!

My overall goal for the booth was to feel homey, inviting, and to be attention grabbing.

To achieve that, I went with a large white wooden wall (that folds in half and is on wheels for ease of transporting) to hold 4 16″x20″ canvases, framing a 32″ Philips Roku TV playing a slide show of my favorite pictures from weddings in 2019, and my logo framed at the top in a Black wooden frame. To take it up a notch, we stapled two strands of Holiday lights around the white wall, it really helped me stand out.

For the flooring I went with a dark, tongue and grove, wood flooring from Floor and Decor. I bought 4 boxes of flooring and had just enough for a 10’x10′ booth.

To add a little charm to my booth, I used a wood dressing table (literally from my bedroom) and used the drawer as storage for my paper materials I was giving out to brides. On top of the dressing table I showcased a few more photographs and had a place for brides to leave their contact information.

I used a small wine table to display 5 to 7 of my “leave behind” materials to make it as easy as possible to hand them to a bride, or they could snag one as they passed by.

My “leave behind” materials included a wedding planning guide, a trifold listing my services, and a business card, held together with a branded magnetic fridge clip (who doesn’t love a good chip clip?) All of these items are from Sir Speedy, a local, female owned, badass print shop.

I decorated the table against the wall with a white table cloth and array of items to display my work. Specifically, 2 11″x14″ framed prints resting on picture holders from Hobby Lobby, 4 8″x10″ framed prints resting on picture holders from Hobby Lobby, and 2 sample wedding albums.

I loved getting to know tons of local vendors and future brides! I definitely see more Bridal Expo’s in my future!

What about you? Would you attend a Bridal Expo? Let me know in my latest instagram post – @madelinevezain

Author: Madeline VeZain Photography

Hey there! I'm Madeline. Award winning wedding photographer local to Jacksonville, Florida. I pride myself in providing an unforgettable wedding experience through outstanding customer care, top-notch knowledge and skill of photography, and always rocking a big smile!

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