Wedding Morning Gifts for the Groom

Today I am focused on the guys. Wedding days are often see as the brides biggest day, but the guy deserves some love too. So here are my top ideas for wedding morning gifts for the groom!

An unofficial gift exchange on the morning of the wedding between the bride and groom can be fun. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift – a keepsake token or something meaningful works just as well to give your groom.

I see so many amazing photo opportunities arise during gift opening, so make sure the we are around to capture the emotion of the morning.

You shouldn’t have much trouble finding the right gift for your groom because there is a schwack of options online. Here’s my curated list of favorite groom gifts including:

  • Tech gadgets
  • Grooming accessories
  • Thoughtful gifts
  • Gifts for the Home
  • Gifts for sports enthusiasts

Grooming Gifts

1. Fragrance

Some guys are into fragrance, others not so much. For those who are, buy a new bottle of cologne for him and the smell will always remind you both of the day you married.

By Jo Malone

2. Shaving Set

The art of shaving never goes out of style. An elegantlooking shaving set with everything he needs for a close shave. After all, nobody wants to kiss a porcupine!

Store the brush upside down helps ensure it dries out properly after each use and prolonging its life. In addition we love that the razor fits a Mach 3 blade — one of our favourite brands to shave with.

by The Art of Shaving

3. Bath & Shower Gel

Molton Brown is synonymous with bathing luxury. Gift him a bottle of Russian Leather and he’ll be smelling as good as he looks on his big day.

by Molton Brown

4. Manicure Set

This one’s bound to get a few chuckles from his fellow groomsmen if he opens it in front of them. ‘Cause lets face it, as a married hetero male, you don’t hear other guys asking too often, “Wow, nice manicure set! I’m gonna have to come over and borrow it some time.”

That aside, it is a gift that every guy needs to look his best on one of the biggest days in his life. Your mother probably told you to wear clean underwear … she likely also taught you to have neatly trimmed finger nails!

by The Art of Shaving

5. Straight Razor Shave

Every man should experience a good straight razor shave once in his life. If you are near his barber shop, or there is an upscale barber in the hotel, send him the morning of the wedding for a straight razor shave.

Techie gifts for the groom

1. GoPro

In need of a rock solid video system to capture quality action photos? Go with brand that helped to define high quality equipment at reasonable prices for the mass market.

By GoPro


So this gift is sort of a dual gift for both him and her. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t loves a nice 4K Ultra HD Smart TV to snuggle up in front of with their new spouse and watch a film. Great value.

By Samsung

Samsung Electronics UN40MU6300 40-Inch Class 4K UHD Smart LED TV

3. Xbox Wireless Controller

If your man is anything like mine, then he is into his video games. Shoot ’em up style games require the ultimate in precision and accuracy, like this wireless controller for Xbox.

OOH! I see there is even a Dawn Shadow Special Edition controller — a.k.a. “pretty pink color” option! That would make his day 😉

By Xbox

Wireless Xbox controller as a gift to the groom

4. Echo Dot

I first heard about Alexa while video chatting with one of my friends last year. All of a sudden she yells out, “Alexa, turn off the lights!”  And I thought to myself, “wow, that was a bit rude. Who is this Alexa person that you are yelling at?”

Needless to say, Alexa has taken the world by storm as one of the hottest gift items this past Christmas. If I had a crystal ball I would say the trend is only going to continue with more people buying voice activated virtual assistance devices.

By Amazon

Amazon echo dot as a gift to the groom

5. Watch Winder

You probably already know if you are marrying a ‘watch guy’ or not — he’s likely got 3,4, or 10 watches on his dresser. If that’s the case, this watch winder that houses up to four automatic watches is an elegant addition for a watch enthusiast.

By Wolf

Gifts for sports enthusiast

1. Round of Golf

Is there a favorite (upscale) golf course nearby that he’s always wanted to try? Give him the chance by gifting a round of golf. Another idea would be to buy a round for him and three (or less) of his groomsmen at his usual course. That way, they could all spend a morning together the day before the wedding to relax, hangout, and enjoy the great outdoors.

Check out TPC Sawgrass

2. Bicycle

Beach cruiser, tandem bike or dirt bike

By Firmstrong

Firmstrong Bruiser

3. Tickets to a Show or Concert

Favorite band coming to town? This is definitely high up on the list of worthy gifts for the groom. For more expensive gigs, you might only be able to buy his ticket. So just make sure to tell a few of his friends so that they can go to the show too.

Of course, a date night at a more intimate venue could be the perfect gift for both of you, especially to get rid of any remaining post wedding stress!

Groom Gift Box

1. Groom’s Survival Kit

  • Shave ✓
  • Tux ✓
  • Shine Shoes ✓
  • Make sure he has a groom survival kit ✓✓

by Etsy

2. Compact Emergency Kit

Another option to is this smaller kit as a mini gift. Contains wet towelette, breath freshener, dental floss, among other things.

By Pinch Provisions

Gifts for the home

1. Personalized Wooden Humidor + Cigars

Cigars seem to be a symbolic right of passage in our society. Even if he doesn’t smoke, he’ll likely make an exception for both his wedding day, or the birth of his child.

For the cigar aficionado, what better occasion to buy a box than for his wedding day? A humidor filled with a celebratory gift that he can use after the reception with all his groomsmen.

By Mantello Cigars

Mantello Cigar Desktop Humidor Humidifier Gift for the groom

2. Fountain Pen

Some guys are really into expensive pens. Buy a special keepsake pen as a gift for your groom on his wedding day … and then also use it during the signing portion of your wedding ceremony!

By Parker

Parker Sonnet Black Lacquer Fountain Pen, Fine Nib, Black Ink

3. Personalized Flask


Have his initials engraved on the side of a stainless steel flask. Optional, fill it with the tasty beverage that suits him best.

By AwardSouceLLC

4. Engraved Etched Whiskey Decanter


This one seems to be on many gift lists for the groom. It’s one of those elegant gifts he can use for years to come. In fact, he could unwrap it and use it the morning of his wedding as we’ve seen more than one groom do.

By TealsPrairie

5. A Good Set of Wine Glasses

Named Wire Cutters top high-end all-purpose wine glass, Zalto Denk’Art Universal Glass promises luxury stemware for all your wine tasting adventure.

By Zalto

Zalto Denk'Art Universal - 2 Pack

6. Creative Art

We’re all lucky to be able to access so many talented artists online these days. Commission something special and bespoke like this framed wedding song art.

It makes a beautiful keepsake tribute from the wedding (while not explicitly screaming wedding), and it is a lovely piece for your new home.

By Voice and Sound

Thoughtful gifts


1. Hand-Written Love Letter

Probably the best gift your sweetheart could receive is a hand written note. Nothing beats knowing that your partner sat down and took time to think about what you mean to them. A hand written love note is a romantic, priceless gesture and something they will cherish for many years to come.

Price: costs next to nothing!

However, you could splurge and buy some really nice handmade paper if you want.

2. A Boudoir Album

What man wouldn’t want a beautiful album staring his future wife in a bridal boudoir photo shoot?

If you’re comfortable with the idea of a boudoir shoot, consider this option as a gift for your groom-to-be and use Shutterfly to create your own beautiful album.

3. Wedding Band Engraving

Engraving your groom’s wedding band is such a meaningful idea. Make sure any message you write is short, as there isn’t much room on the inside of a ring. Add your initials, wedding date, or even an inside joke that will make him laugh — I added all three to my husband’s ring!

Keep it on the down-low so that he has a nice surprise to read after the wedding ceremony.

Have other gift ideas that didn’t get mentioned? Leave a comment and let. me know!

Author: Madeline VeZain Photography

Hey there! I'm Madeline. I'm a portrait photographer based in Jacksonville, Florida. I pride myself in providing an unforgettable portrait experience through outstanding customer care, top-notch knowledge and skill of photography, and always rocking a big smile!

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